Our company was founded in 1957 by IOANNIS KENTROS, with exclusive activity the representation of Foreign Companies which wanted to promote their products to the Greek Market. Since 1990 until today, his daughter Alexandra Kentrou, continues the same activity of the company, by increasing the fields of activities, expanding the international collaborations and representing longer also Greek companies which are interested in selling their products to foreign markets.

We strongly believe that the presence of a Commercial Agent in the trade transactions is essential and useful for many reasons, the most important of which are the following :

- The attentive and detailed Market research
- The advertisement and proper promotion of the represented products
- The attempt to increase the sales
- The protection of the Principal House interests
- The control of the local and international competition
- The knowledge and analysis of the global market trends
- The ensurance of all the parameters for the correct and complete execution of orders (quality of product, transport, delivery time, quantity, etc.)


- The preservation of a healthy, honest, profitable and long-term relationship between all the involved parties
All the a/m reasons cannot be replaced by the progress of technology, either the knowledge of foreign languages or the easy and quick exchange of contacts, especially in times of very sharp financial crisis and in an environment of mistrust and of an intense competition.

We can offer the same services also from any other country, for the same and/or other potential products.
Alexandra Alexandra Kentrou is graduate of the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Board Member of the Athens Association of Commercial Agents and Brokers.
Spoken languages : English and French



- 28-29th November 2020
Global PM Days (2020 / Leadership) online conference.

- 30-31st May 2020
Global PM Days (2020 / Conflict & Crisis) online conference.

- November 30th 2018
Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens,in co-organization with the Rotaract Club of Athens: Energy Diplomacy in the course of a decade : Challenges and Prospects

- March 9th 2018
The Economist • A World In Transition: The New Jobs • The New Skills

- February 10th 2018
Hellenic - Dutch Association • Orange Grove:
"Becomming a Creative Problem Solver" by Mohamed Geraldez.

- March 17th 2017
Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens : " Russia in the World Process "

- April 27th 2016
Biopolitics International Organisation • Hellenic Chapter Of the Club Of Rome : Biopolicy – Inspiring innovation in the direction of climate change mitigation

- January 26th 2016
Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens : " The Sub-Saharian Africa in the 21st Century "

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Since 1957 until today, we have successfully undertaken the representation of many foreign companies (in most of the cases, exclusively and on a long term basis) in Greece, in a large variety of sectors and products. Our occupation with different business sectors and products, as well as, our "in-depth" study and research, in order to promote them effectively to the Greek Market, have undoubtedly enriched, even more, our knowledge about them.
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During RepresanteX's presence in the Greek Market, its founder,IOANNIS KENTROS,received 2 distinctions:

On 3/19/1991, an Honorable Distinction as a sign of recognition for his over than 35 years successful career in the profession of the Commercial Agents and on 3/19/1997, a Gold Medal, as a sign of recognition of his long-term contribution to the field of Commercial Agents, as a Board member and treasurer of the Association, for many years.
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